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Reader: Remove the Drugs and EDM Dies

In a recent profile, EDM DJ Amberdehn bemoans the quantity of drugs in the electronic-music scene and talks about where truly meaningful experiences come from: inside and the music itself.

"It seems that people want to feel something or nothing," Amberdehn says. "It seems that would be the leading cause of drug use. But one of the best ways to feel something isn’t drugs; it’s being present. In my opinion, drugs are a way of chasing something that is really right inside of you the whole time. The present moment, that’s where the power is in any scenario – not just at a show."

Readers took to Facebook to weigh in on her comments.  Brandon writes:
Remove the Drugs.... EDM dies.
John adds:
I dunno how you could listen to that without drugs.
Brett disagrees:
As a twenty-year veteran House music DJ, producer and ten-year established promoter in Denver with a decade of sobriety as well, I agree with a lot of what Amberdehn is saying here. Go beyond the easy escape of intoxication and search out a deeper experience! I enjoyed the days when Extacy was actually MDMA, and I can still have plenty of moments today when I feel like I'm peaking on E just from the music and the vibe, because I don't mess with buster parties. And that's really the hook. Without the right music, right crowd and right intention behind the party, ALL of it is irrelevant because it's bunk. I think the most important thing to do is to truly understand the difference between HIGH quality underground dance music scenes, and the cheesy, financially motivated, pop influenced, got-no-soul bullshit that is the majority of what's out there today. Look harder... search deeper. When you find the real thing, the drugs and alcohol become secondary by default. Want an example? Peep this game: Supernova.
Read on for more of Westword's coverage of drugs in the electronic music scene.
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