Wolf Eyes Will Play Goldrush Music Festival: Here's the Full Lineup

Goldrush Music Festival returns for its fourth installment on September 13 and 14 at the Larimer Lounge and Meadowlark. As we told you last week, the initial lineup announcement was greeted with the largest response in the ambitious young festival's history. It's a safe bet that trajectory will continue with today's announcement of the full lineup, which includes legendary Detroit noise band Wolf Eyes, Black Dice member Eric Copeland and plenty more out-of-towners alongside a meticulous collection of Denver's powerful musical fringe.

Pre-sale two day passes are on sale now for $25 (single day tickets are $13). You can see the full lineup below.

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Goldrush Music Festival Lineup 2014 Wolf Eyes Eric Copeland Mount Eerie clipping. Guerilla Toss DVA Thug Entrancer Good Willsmith Kevin Greenspon REIGHNBEAU The Howling Hex Sparkling Wide Pressure Stag Hare Trabajo RUMTUM Mezzanine Swimmers Fingers of the Sun Braeyden Jae Homebody Church Fire Aja Vision Sister Grotto Champion Docile Rottweiler CP 208 The Horse Latitudes

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