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Yellow Second Reunites

Yellow Second. Remember that band? Scott Kerr and Andy Verdecchio's post-Five Iron Frenzy, super badass power pop outfit? If not, you'll have your chance to get reacquainted on Friday, May 9, at the hi-dive.

Before the Fray and before record deals were being handed out like Handi Wipes at a hot wing convention, Yellow Second was one of this town's most promising acts and poised to breakout in a big way. Sadly, the band folded shortly after releasing Altitude on Floodgate records in 2005. No word yet on whether this is a one-off or if Kerr and company are back for good. Either way, you won't want to miss this show.

On a related note, there's talk of another very well regarded local band getting back together in time to perform at a certain festival held at a certain legendary venue. Can't reveal who just yet, but let's just say that this particular band played what was presumably their last show ever at this exact same venue last fall. Hmm...

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Dave Herrera
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