Yes or no? Camera phones at shows: Capturing the moment or just blocking my dang view?

So yesterday, we discussed a major pet peeve of mine, talking at shows. Clearly, as the comments attest, I'm not in the minority when it comes to being incensed by all this incessant, inexplicable chatter. The reaction to yesterday's post makes me wonder if anyone else is annoyed by the other things that annoy me, things like camera phones at concerts. Hate 'em. You with me? I know at least one dude is.

Speaking on behalf of those of us who are exasperated by the army of upraised arms that constantly and carelessly seem to obstruct our view to the camera phone-wielding masses: Would y'all please kindly knock it off already? Look, I get it. I know your friends on Facebook live to live vicariously through your random candids. But seriously, how many distant pictures of a band you can barely make out do you need?

What's that? Ah, yes, you're not just taking pictures -- you're shooting video. Even better. You do realize, though, that the audio on that one-minute clip you're shooting on your Flip is going to resemble a vintage transitor transmission being played through a blown speaker, right? Mmmkay. Just checking.

So what say you? Does this chap your hide, too, or are people like me who secretly harbor these seemingly petty annonyances just being self-absorbed curmudgeons and essentially sucking all the joy out of the whole concert-going experience? I tend to agree wholeheartedly with the take that Evan Mast of Ratatat recently gave the Edmonton Sun:

"I understand the sentiment. It's cool that people want to take a piece of the show home with them or show it to their friends or whatever. But I kind of feel like it would be more fun if they just enjoyed the show."

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Dave Herrera
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