Young Coyotes end hiatus and prepare to head back into the studio

The extended hiatus of Young Coyotes is finally at an end. We heard last week that the duo have announced that they are in the process of recording a full-length follow up to their previous two EPs. Now we have some details.

Zachary Tipton tells us he and Adam Halferty are currently in the midst of the writing process for the album, to be titled Mellow Beast. Some tentative song titles from the work-in-progress are the title track, "Hammering" (a song the group has been playing at shows for a while), "We Have Not Arrived," "A Party for Them," and "Michelangelo".

"Most of the lyrics deal with nihilism, absurdism, and being happy living a meaningless existence," reports Tipton. "That description may seem a little dark, but I've never been happier." Tipton add that the new disc will feature some fuller arrangements and a more psychedelic sound.

The plan is to record it in July, mix in August and then shop it around, putting the disc out themselves if they can't find a suitable deal. That's not all the good news, either -- several Colorado shows are to be announced soon and there are plans for a fall tour as well. Welcome back, Coyotes.

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