Young Money crew as Winnie-the-Pooh Characters: Young Poolah, Baby!

Drake said recently that he's drawing inspiration from Winnie the Pooh for his next album. But Drake would never be Pooh Bear -- that has to be Lil Wayne. Which Hundred Acre Wood inhabitant would Drake actually be? What about the rest of the gang? Below, a character-by-character breakdown. Except for Owl. There is no Owl in Young Money.

Nicki Minaj as Tigger
She is as energetic a rapper as there is in the world. Like Tigger, she's a buoyant fan favorite who's had plenty of well-deserved time in the spotlight.

Lil Wayne as Winnie the Pooh
He's affable, has no idea what he's saying half the time, but is nevertheless an endless font of wisdom. They both seem like somewhat unwitting leaders, but they are leaders and mentors nonetheless.

Birdman as Christopher Robin
Birdman is not technically a member of Young Money -- but then, Christopher Robin is not technically an inhabitant of the Hundred Acre Wood, either. Both act as father figures to Wayne/Pooh (in neither case an actual son), and both saw the potential in their wards long before anyone else did.

Lil Twist as Roo
He's not the youngest Young Money signee, but he is the most childlike.

Jae Millz as Rabbit
Jae Millz released a ridiculous amount of music in 2010, almost neurotic in his productivity. Just like a certain long-eared mammal. Rabbit's always messing something up, and Millz's beef with skyrocketing Wiz Khalifa was monumentally stupid.

Lil Chuckee as Piglet
He's like a li'l Lil Wayne, right down to the dreads. Someday he may find his way out of the shadow, but for now he's just riding on the string of Pooh's kite.

Mack Maine as Kanga
Young Money co-founder with Wayne, Mack Maine is as close to a responsible adult as there is in the YM crew. He'll never be the star, but he's there to help make sure the young kids improve.

Drake as Eeyore
You knew it was coming -- from one droopy-eyed sidekick to another. They're both emo mascots for different reasons, but the facts remain: He's sad because he's famous, he's sad because he's not famous enough, and he deserves a doppelganger who's just sad.

Not Pictured: Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Shanell and T-Streets. They can have Gopher and the Heffalumps.

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