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Your Mom's House Is the New Venue Inside Pearl's

The newly renovated venue side of Pearl's.
The newly renovated venue side of Pearl's. Jon Solomon
Last week, we reported that Pearl's recently brought in two new co-owners to head up the music venue inside the Capitol Hill space that was previously the Beauty Bar and the Snake Pit — but the owners chose not to unveil the name of the venue until last Friday. So what's it called? Your Mom's House.

Co-owner James Bedwell explained the choice via e-mail:

Our idea behind it is for many reasons. One being that it's unique to a music venue and music in general, we want you to feel comfortable and at home like you would be at your mom's house, and we want to attract people that aren't necessarily music lovers or show goers. Some people are going to want to go to Your Mom's House just to say they went there. Once there, they will realize that it's a legit venue, the vibe is right, drinks are cheap, the music is awesome, and that they had an overall great time at Your Mom's House, thus turning them into possible show goers!

Your Mom's House will have punk bands on Mondays, and three Sundays out of the month will be dedicated to metal acts, while the last Sunday of the month will showcase comedy. Motown Thursdays, headed up by Miggy Camacho, are still in full effect, as they have been since the Beauty Bar days. Tuesdays are funk-driven, open-mic/jam nights, and on Wednesdays, it’s Hump Day, a ’90s dance night geared toward the LGBTQ community.
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