Your Survival Guide for Winter on the Rocks

Winter on the Rocks is upon us. The annual winter show at Red Rocks is bringing another drool-worthy lineup featuring Adventure Club and Big Grams, which is the new collaboration between Big Boi and Phantogram. But because the concert is in January instead of July, there are some weather-related concerns.To help you have the best possible time (and not freeze to death), here are a few tips

1. Check the weather before you go.
We don't mean check the weather for Denver, because Red Rocks is in Morrison. Check the Morrison weather. Also check a five-hour forecast. It's Colorado, which can go from a blizzard to a summer day within an hour. Here, we just did it for you, you're welcome.

2. Dress appropriately.

It's January. That means it's the middle of winter. It's supposed to be warmer than usual, but maybe don't wear a short skirt and pasties or neon pants and no shirt. Maybe wear some layers, or at the least bring a jacket. Remember, the great disappearing shirt crisis of the past two summers may return. Is this mysterious monster dormant in the winter? We don't know, so it's best to be prepared. 

3. Get a whiskey blanket.

Once the sun goes down the temperature around Red Rocks will surely drop. We've already mentioned layers, and you might want to bring a real blanket as well. If you don't have one, might we recommend a whiskey blanket? Grab some whiskey, or beer or boxed wine and keep yourself warm. 

4. Stay warm (and make memories) with friends.
Gather your old friends, make some new friends, find a dance partner. All three of those will keep you warm and make sure you have a memorable time at Winter On The Rocks. No one wants to hear about how you went to a crazy winter dance party at those famous monoliths alone. Time to send some mass texts and organize some group costumes and make this the best concert you attend all winter. 

5. Light up Red Rocks.
Don't let the night stars be the only thing lighting up Red Rocks this dark winter Saturday. Bring your glow sticks on a string, your glow stick necklaces, your, lighters and, ahem, things to light, and show winter that Denver knows how to throw a goddamn party. 
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