YouTube is a secret mother lode for mash-up makers and remixers

Click "play" on that video. What do you hear? Why, it's the classic Oasis track "Wonderwall," sans any musical backing. Now, upon hearing that, you will have one of two reactions -- you will ask yourself, "Why do I care about this?" or you will say, "Wow! I could totally remix that and/or get my mash-up on!" Those of you in the first group are dismissed. The rest of you, come with us...

With a simple search for "vocal only," YouTube reveals itself to be a mother lode of raw material for bootleg mash-up artists and remixers of all types. So if you've always wanted to do a chiptune remix of Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box," you've got the power to make that reality now.

A quick scan of the first page of results shows us everything from the Beatles to Motley Crue, so you've got some options here. Now, get out there and start mashing the vocals from "More Than a Feeling" into that Metric track that's up for remix that we blogged about earlier today and let us know what you come up with. We can't wait to hear it*.

*Sure, there are those little details of copyright and whatnot that might stop you from making a mint off your brilliance, but something (like Danger Mouse's Grey Album) tells us that if you show yourself to be a master, sticky copyright issues won't stand in the way of your superstardom.

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