You've played the Gorillaz music, now play the game

Chances are you've heard the newest Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach at some point since its release. You may not have even been aware of it -- maybe it was in the grocery store or while you were out at a club -- but you've probably heard it. Now you can play the game based on the album on your iPhone/iPad/Touch.

Escape to Plastic Beach is the final part of a three-part episodic game; the first two sections are Flash based games on the bands website. We assume the band hoped you'd get so attached to the story or the game play of the first two free episodes that you'd be willing to drop $1.99 in the App Store. Is it worth it? That depends on how much you love the Gorillaz.

Escape to Plastic Beach is essentially an updated version of that old parachuting mobile phone game some of you might remember being on your ancient Nokia phones. The premise of the game is simple: Guide Murdoc through some hoops, dodge some pirates, try to capture 2D (the character, not the dimension).

On the iPhone, you'll use tilt controls to guide your little dude and his hang glider through these objectives. There is some story going on here as well, but there isn't a single interesting thing about it -- in fact we've already forgotten what it is. It probably had something to do with something else, we'd venture to guess.

If you enjoy the Gorillaz universe (and who doesn't?), you'll get a snapshot of entertainment out of the game. It's not the most original or creative thing in the world -- but it looks pretty, and it has a great soundtrack. The 3D graphics are a little jarring and even strange considering the bands penchant for 2D-kitch in their videos, but the whole things works well enough.

Ultimately, this isn't going to add or subtract to your enjoyment of any Gorillaz tracks, but it does push forward the bands' weird narrative and adds yet another layer to their increasingly labyrinthine collection of mediums they dabble in.

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Thorin Klosowski
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