Zach Tipton returns to Denver, records and releases song with Night Beds along the way

Just how prolific is Zachary Tipton of I Am the Dot/Young Coyotes? How about so prolific he can stop by a friend's house in the middle of a move across country and "unexpectedly" record and release a cool new song with them? That's the story behind "Good Person," a brand-new tune from Night Beds featuring I Am the Dot.

The song sounds a lot like I Am the Dot's own work, except with some female backing vocals and a slightly fuller accompaniment with more tinkly sounds. It's good, in other words. Here's what Tipton had to say about it:

On my way to Denver this past weekend (a resident again), I stopped at my friend's band's studio in Nashville and unexpectedly recorded a song with them. They are called Night Beds and they split time between Colorado and Nashville. The song is called "Good Person" and they are giving it away to coincide with the just released Every Fire; Every Joy EP that is available for FREE download

Download "Good Person" here.

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