Zip up your track jacket: The original Shag! is back, December 23 at Beauty Bar

Before Beauty Bar, there was the Snake Pit, a club best known for its dance nights. From Drum and Bass to '80s throwbacks, each weekly event brought a slightly different but enthusiastic crowd to the cozy, two-room club. Beauty Bar is paying homage to the nights with some reunion-style dance parties, and Shag! gets its due next Thursday, December 23.

"At first I didn't think anyone would actually come," says Tim Garvey, aka Shag DJ Tim Shady, of the throwback event. But after posting about the possibility of a Shag! reunion on Facebook, Garvey says the response was so big and positive that he decided to give it a go.

"Even though it was ten years ago, the night really resonated with people," Garvey says, going on to add that many of Shag's regulars were people integral to the Denver music scene. The night will bring back the mix of Brit pop, soul, and rock that Shag! was known for.

Originally started by Matt Serbin and bartender and promotor J.R. Speigel (who was also in local band the Volts) in 2000, Westword's own Jason Heller jumped on board for a while before Garvey and friend Paul Ortiz, aka DJ David Watts, were asked to take it on later that year. Garvey says Spiegel was the key to getting the night going, and was the one who christened Garvey as Tim Shady.

Ortiz will be returning to Denver to join his DJ partner for the event, and special guest DJs Quid (who also ran Shag!-precursor night called Quid at the Snake Pit under the same Brit-pop premise) and Tyler "Danger" Jacobson will also share the decks, just like old times. Spiegel will also be in town from New York to host.

Garvey promises plenty of tracks by Charlatans UK, James, the Jam and more -- even Shag's signature R&B closing track of the night. Back in the day, Garvey would throw on a track by the likes of Nelly when the bar was closing up -- and an online poll for the reunion's closing track looks like we could hear something by Cee-Lo or Kanye West.

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