Schmuck of the Week

12 dog-stabbing incidents in recent months -- and at least a dozen shmucks

Earlier this week, Matthew Weatherspoon was charged with stabbing a five-month-old bulldog puppy named Diamond after the dog nipped him. He is then accused of tossing the dog out of his apartment, where it was later discovered and taken to an animal hospital. Unconscionable? Yes. But sadly, Weatherspoon is not alone.

Just two days later, somebody tied a German shepherd to a tree in Colorado Springs and stabbed it to death with a large blade.

And that's just the beginning of our list of dog-stabbing shmucks. Here are ten others culled from just the last few months of headlines around the country.

In San Diego, someone stabbed a nine-month-old German shepherd more than fifty times during the middle of the night. The dog died.

In San Francisco, a man who was walking his dog allegedly stabbed a dog that was being walked by a woman in the same park. The woman had asked the man if his dog was neutered, witnesses said. The dog lived.

In New Haven, Connecticut, a man who stabbed his own dog, a Stafforshire terrier mix, 29 times was found competent to stand trial. He had told police that people were bothering him about the dog and that he had family problems. The dog is still hospitalized.

In Norwalk, Connecticut, a police dog was stabbed while trying to defend a police officer from a man who had two knives. The dog wasn't fatally injured.

In Washington State, a police dog was stabbed and killed after tracking down a suspect in a stolen car case.

In Wichita, Kansas, a 23-year-old woman stabbed her sister's dog, a terrier, because she was upset with her boyfriend. The dog lived, after surgery.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a woman was arrested and charged with stabbing a dog to death with a Samurai sword after she found it playing with a nearly dead cat.

In St. Bernard, Louisiana, a man was accused of stabbing his dog in the throat with a sword and then beating it after it went to the bathroom in his house.

In Sacramento, California, a sixteen-year-old boy allegedly stabbed the family dog, a Labrador retriever, and then fought with and injured to police officers. The dog survived.

In Detroit, a 54-year man was charged with stabbing the family dog to death after he got into an argument with his wife.

Talk about a parade of shmucks.

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