9/11 Truther Alex Jones takes on Michelle Malkin, hilarity ensues

I think I may count yesterday’s small skirmish outside the Denver Mint as of the most hilarious scenes at the Democratic National Convention.

Not the “Shake Your Money Maker” protest by Recreate 68, where activists performed a Yippie-esque “levitate the mint” performance and Marc Cohen donned a wizards outfit and chanted oddly. That action only drew about seventy people, half of whom were from the media.

No, I’m talking about when Alex Jones, the official raving maniac of the 9-11 Truth movement, spotted the nationally syndicated Neocon pundit Michelle Malkin and began screaming at her so loudly, for so long, that she eventually fled, pursued by Jones and a mob of cameras and desperate reporters.

“Shame on you, you little monster!” Jones shouted. “You little fascist piece of trash!”

The dozens of riot cops watching over the protest did nothing to break up the situation, even as Malkin hurried across Colfax, Jones and entourage in tow. Somehow Malkin leaves the indecent out of her blog post about the event. Maybe it was a too traumatic to go into for the Fox News commentator, who has written a book defending racial profiling and the use of internment camps.

Other reports of the incident make the mistake of equating Jones with R-68, when in fact he came to the event to confront protesters like Glen Spagnuolo, who he believes are government-sponsored agent provocateurs. "You're the agent provocateur!" Spagnuolo shouted into his megaphone in a fruitless attempt to bring attention back to the mint protest.

“Alex Jones is a capitalist stooge wearing a Ralph Lauren T-shirt!” one protester screamed.

Regardless, Jones seemed pretty pleased with himself as he walked back toward his car through Civic Center Park. “The Left is dying! The Right is dying!” he said to his small group of minions. “We’re the only ones that can see it!”

Ain’t that the truth. –Jared Jacang Maher

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.