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A Frontier Pilot Celebrates Airline, Fights Back Against "Horror Stories"

Yesterday's post featuring eight accounts from the Frontier Horror Stories website, all of which mentioned Denver, generated comments aplenty.

Many of those who weighed in had gripes of their own against the carrier.

But there were also Frontier defenders.

Among the most passionate of the latter was a pilot for the airline, who saw the piece as unfair in the way it highlighted minor complaints while failing to acknowledge all the positive ways the company benefits passengers in general and the community as a whole.

Here's his take.

A Frontier pilot writes:
As a Frontier Airlines employee, I wanted to defend the company against the "horror stories" in Mondays article.

The article was an unfair slam on Frontier and a sloppy piece of journalism. It was a virtually copy and paste of incoherent complaints against Frontier. It's all too easy to forget what an incredible service the airlines provide us. Frontier Airlines flies people across the country for less than $100 every day. We sell tickets for much less than the competition, on average 30% cheaper than Southwest. Frontier employs thousands of people in the Denver area and is a tremendous asset to our community. We have one of the newest fleets of jets in the industry, and a perfect safety record. Frontier cancels less flights than any other airline in the country, under 1%. The complaints leveled against Frontier in the article consisted mostly of late flights, missed connections and things like "bumpy rides." Late flights and missed connections are a constant across the industry. Weather delays, air traffic control delays and airport operational issues effect all airlines equally. Those issues are exhausting and frustrating. However, complaining about paying $1.99 for a can of Coke at 35,000 feet and 500 mph while sitting in a $70 million dollar jet is falling on deaf ears. The first airline flight was only 100 years ago, yet today people have the gall to complain about their $39 flight being a little late, or having to pay for soda, just like they do everywhere else.

Denver is lucky to have a great airline like Frontier here. 
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