(A little) more information about shooting at 9445 East Colfax yesterday

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As noted in a blog yesterday, an Aurora Police Department release about a robbery and shooting on East Colfax was as vague as vague could be. The document didn't even make it clear how many stick-up artists were involved -- just that a man left leaking blood and wound up dead. Since then, however, more information has come out, albeit unofficially. The Denver Post reports that two men tried to rob an unnamed check-cashing and cigarette store, but its owner, identified only as Tom, apparently perforated one of them, causing the pair to flee. The Aurora Sentinel adds a photograph of the place, whose sign reads, "Smoking Deals -- Cigarettes -- Check Cashing -- Cigarettes -- Lotto." However, the Sentinel piece botched the address; in print, it's identified as "9554 E. Colfax," but the photo shows the actual address to be "9445." The store can be seen in the graphic above; if you have any problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map." The presence of a police car in the shot is entirely coincidental.

At this writing, several comments on the aforementioned Post update praise the store owner for plugging the bad guy and/or ballyhoo gun ownership. Another speculates about whether or not the dead gunman was an illegal alien, while one from a "Mike R" (not me) declares, "Bet the perps name has at least 3 syllables. Good shooting!" They let anyone buy a computer, don't they?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.