A photo tour of Jared Polis' $5 million Boulder condo

Yesterday, Representative

Jared Polis turned to Twitter

to let his followers know about

the latest episode of his CNN series Freshman Year

, "featuring our new puppy Gia!" However, he didn't mention another addition to the family -- a swank condo at 1655 Walnut Street in Boulder, which turned up in a September 20 list of real estate transactions published by the Boulder

Daily Camera

. For the $5,317,800 purchase price, Polis gets

3,447 square feet worth of posh, with three bedrooms, three baths

and a great location in the heart of the city. These may be hard times for you and I, but JP seems to be navigating the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression (I know it's true, because I heard Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner say it again this morning) in impressive style. Want to take a look at the joint? Page through the photos below:

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