A Quickie!

Nicole Popovich
Can you guess, from the profiles, who made this dress?
For a full slideshow of the activity on Wednesday, March 28, click here.

Five minutes, a dress form, a swath of fabric, some pins and a belt. What could you make out of that?

Cat's guessing she could make a giant ball of nothingness. Yes, she's pretty sure she would have melted down on the runway if she'd had to compete in last night's 5 Minute Fashion Challenge that kicked off the Tamarac Square Fashion Project.

Before a crowded house, a ton of flashing cameras, god and everyone, the twelve competing designers had just five minutes to pin, push and prod the fabric into something that would wow the judges (Cat included).

To the right are a few of the looks — but you'll have to go watch the slideshow here to see who won!

Nicole Popovich
What about this one?
Agree? Disagree? Post your vote below. The designer who wins the most online comments will score some free tickets to something cool!

Next week's challenge: For the runway show on Wednesday, April 4, each designer must create the pefect little black dress, using only a $150 voucher from Denver Fabric.

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