A tweet ruling for Boulder DA Stan Garnett

In recent years, most rulings about communication from courtrooms have centered on the use of cameras or laptops -- but that's so last generation, technologically speaking. Today, it's all about phones like the one Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett has been given permission to tweet updates from during the impending trial of Kevin Elmarr, who's accused of killing his ex-wife in 1987. Prosecutor Bruce Langer claimed during a hearing on the matter that "about ten people" follow Garnett's Twitter feed, and that's pretty close: The number of followers was just eleven until I signed up. Moreover, the tweets on view are exceedingly benign, with no courtroom-packing messages of the sort Elmarr's attorney feared. The most recent examples:

All Deputy and Investigator meeting on Monday 7/6 to discuss reorganization and transition issues. Also, prepare for Elmarr trial. 6:44 PM Jul 5th from web

Life sentence without parole for Alcalde, plus 48 years consecutive. 2:47 PM Jun 29th from web

Guilty on all counts in Alcalde. Chase family is doing well. 4:29 PM Jun 27th from web

Closing in Alcalde tomorrow morning. 1:31 PM Jun 25th from web

People rested in Alcalde, at about 2:30 today. Legal arguments will be followed by defense case. 1:50 PM Jun 24th from web

People may rest today in Alcalde. Hoping to get up there to watch. 7:09 AM Jun 24th from web

Watching the DNA evidence presentation in the Alcalde trial. Still are a bit ahead of schedule. 11:07 AM Jun 19th from web

Helping with the Alcalde case, which is is ahead of schedule. May conclude at the end of next week, or early the following week. 6:52 PM Jun 17th from web

There's nothing here that could prejudice anyone against anything -- except perhaps following Garnett's feed in the future.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.