Aaron Belanger Finds Out How Serious Sexting Can Be After Turning 18

One of the most controversial Colorado stories of 2015 involved a sexting scandal at Cañon City High School in which more than 100 students were implicated.

At first, authorities hinted that those involved might be prosecuted — but in the end, no criminal charges were pressed.

By contrast, Aaron Belanger is facing sexting-related charges in two states, Colorado and Florida, despite being eighteen years old — likely the same age as some of those tied to sexting in Cañon City.

Why? Turns out the person with whom Belanger is accused of exchanging explicit images and videos was just thirteen. And the sexting allegedly took place after the girl's father moved her halfway across the country in order to get her away from the teen — because he learned they'd had sex.

The specifics of the case are detailed in an arrest affidavit obtained by the Boulder Daily Camera.

According to the paper, police in Longmont were contacted by the girl's father back on August 3, 2015, after he found nude images of Belanger on his daughter's phone.

Belanger was very well known to the unnamed dad, who told investigators that his daughter and Belanger had been an item in Florida, where they'd been living, despite the differences in their ages.

She was thirteen at the time, while Belanger was seventeen.

However, the cops discovered that the videos and photos in question had been sent after the girl had relocated to Longmont — and following Belanger's eighteenth birthday, on May 3.

By that time, Belanger was legally an adult.

Florida police were subsequently contacted, and on September 15, they busted Belanger, resulting in his booking photo.

The arrest is said to have been based on an interview with the girl and Belanger's confession that he and the girl had engaged in sex and exchanged the explicit material.

The charges against Belanger in Florida are the most serious. They include "having intercourse with a thirteen-year-old" and "lewd and lascivious acts on a person under sixteen" in addition to sending obscene material to a minor, the Camera reports.

Still, the Colorado accusations are hardly inconsequential. He's looking at two counts of sexual exploitation of a child, plus one count of Internet sexual exploitation of a child.

Although the Florida case is still ongoing, Belanger was extradited to Colorado in regard to the local allegations against him. He has two bonds in his name — a $30,000 one in Florida, an $80,000 one here.

Look below to see a larger version of Belanger's Colorado mug shot.

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