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Reader: Do You Want a Quarterback or a Boy Scout Leader?

No Super Bowl this year for Aaron Rodgers.
No Super Bowl this year for Aaron Rodgers. CBS Sports via YouTube
After the number-one-seeded, Super Bowl-favorite Green Bay Packers lost at home to the San Francisco 49ers last weekend, rumors again surfaced that QB Aaron Rodgers might leave Wisconsin in favor of the Broncos.

Those rumors got further fuel when the Broncos hired Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to replace Vic Fangio as head coach.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook page, though, readers are definitely divided over whether Rodgers would be a boon or a bust in Denver. Says Nate:
He's a sad, old hound dog. While there are older QBs, he's just haggard at only 38. His wretched attitude won't help the younger players learn anything. His career peaked long ago, given the clear decline in Rodgers' play over the past few years. He's no longer a star player, more like a shooting star that is a rapidly disintegrating fireball.
Responds Chris:
Ha! Everyone saying no to Rodgers would probably be right in front at the Super Bowl parade downtown.
Asks Paul: 
Do you want a quarterback or a boy scout leader? I'll take the quarterback!
Counters Kristine:
We don't want Aaron Rodgers! He's a washed-up has-been, at the end of his career. And he's a liar. Character matters.
Responds Cam: 
He was the MVP last year and likely the MVP this year, I’m not sure “washed up” is the phrase I would use.
Adds Ray:
Just because he speaks his mind and doesn't take the shit from the media and he calls the media out, he's a jerk? Please. Good for him. Denver will be in the Super Bowl in two years with him.
Comments Wanda:
He was a really good temporary Jeopardy host. I don't know about his football or personality skills.
And Bennet concludes:
Other than four-wheel driving, what good is a Bronco?? What do they do other than play with their odd- shaped balls and expect endorsements and fame and glory for playing with their odd-shaped balls?? They are not nurses, doctors, dentists, what are they good for??
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