Abigail Jo Johnson allegedly took her baby with her on armed robbery

Every parent knows how difficult it can be to find a babysitter -- and when one isn't available, moms and dads are often put in the position of bringing a child with them even when the situation isn't ideal.

If the folks at the Boulder County Sheriff's Office are right, Abigail Jo Johnson can definitely relate. Problem is, the errand Johnson allegedly ran was an armed robbery.

Photos and the weird details below.

At approximately 10:50 a.m. on March 3, according to the BCSO, dispatchers received a call about a robbery at St. Vrain Pharmacy, 440 Main Street in Lyons.

The suspect in the case was described as a white female in her thirties, with shoulder-length blond hair partially covered by a tan straw hat. She reportedly asked for prescription medication, not cash.

Also on her person: a large bag and a large handgun.

Surveillance images captured several views of the woman....

...with closeups of the bag also spotlighted by law enforcers: The woman is said to have left the pharmacy behind the wheel of a dark blue pickup with a camper shell. She headed up Highway 7 toward Allenspark, witnesses said.

The incident resulted in schools in Lyons and Allenspark being placed on lockout for around half an hour.

The BCSO responded by issuing a news alert about the crime, and it didn't take long for it to bear fruit. Shortly thereafter, a neighbor of Johnson's saw an article about the incident and convinced the suspect to turn herself in to authorities.

Johnson was taken into custody on two counts of aggravated robbery of a controlled substance from a pharmacy, another pair involving aggravated robbery of an at-risk adult, two more for felony menacing (due to the presence of the gun, which wasn't immediately recovered), another couple for theft of $500 or more from an at-risk adult, and two counts of child abuse.

One of the child abuse beefs was occasioned by the presence of a child in the store. The other resulted from Johnson's nine month old being left in the car while mom allegedly staged her stick-up.

Mother doesn't always know best. Here's a larger look at Johnson's mug shot.

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