Abigail Suber, our shmuck: Pay me or I'll call immigration on you

Getting into a car accident, even a minor fender bender, sucks. There's the repairs, the insurance, the overall annoyance and frustration that can last for months. Getting into an accident with someone who doesn't have insurance is even worse -- and there are plenty of uninsured drivers out there. And not all of them are illegal immigrants.

But some are. And that is probably what Abigail Jane Suber was thinking after she got into a June parking lot crash in Boulder with the Spanish-speaking Hector Holguin-Perez.

What police accuse the blond, blue-eyed Suber of doing next, though, is pretty slimy.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera: "Holguin-Perez and his wife, Irma Hernandez, told Boulder police that Suber threatened to call immigration authorities if they did not admit fault in the accident and pay her $400. Later, Suber demanded $800, they said." In a statement to police, "Hernandez said Suber asked her if she wanted her five-year-old son to grow up without his father and said she pays a lot every month on her truck, a 2011 Toyota Tacoma. According to the police report, Holguin-Perez had insurance for his Chevrolet van, but no driver's license. His immigration status is not clear."

In her own statement, Suber "said no blackmail occurred. Suber said Hernandez and Holguin-Perez wanted to settle the matter privately without involving the police because Holguin-Perez is not here legally, then stopped payment on the checks without warning her. That caused Suber to be fined by her bank," the Camera reports.

Police believed Holguin-Perez and Hernandez and arrested Suber, who is 28, last month. She was charged with extortion -- a felony -- this week.

Getting into a car accident sucks, but extorting people makes you a shmuck.

Here's a full-size version of Suber's mug shot:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.