Jay Marvin in a photo taken earlier in June.
Jay Marvin in a photo taken earlier in June.
Photo by Michael Roberts

Ailing but improving Jay Marvin makes an appearance on AM-760

AM 760 morning-personality Jay Marvin has spent months battling a series of serious medical challenges that have kept him off the air -- until yesterday, when he spoke by phone to John Turk, his longtime producer, who's been manning the microphone for the past week-plus. Marvin sounded stronger than he did during my visit to his home on June 8 -- a stop that formed the basis of the subsequent blog entitled "Jay Marvin Talks About His Health Crisis." But he was blunt about the obstacles he still must overcome before returning to the studio. The plan now is for him to fly to Philadelphia for a delicate tandem operation designed to address a mass that's near his vertebrae. "My spine is 66 percent blocked," he told Turk. "If I don't get it fixed, I'll be paralyzed." Nonetheless, he's clearly making progress. A few weeks ago, he could only walk to the end of his driveway before becoming winded. However, with assistance from his wife, Mary, he was recently able to make it all the way around his block.

Click here to read the account of the Marvin-Turk chat on the invaluable DenverRadio.net website -- and here to listen to the conversation.


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