Welcome to Denver.
Welcome to Denver.
Julia Veldez

Reader: Airbnb Should Not Be Used for Long-Term Stays

Recent transplants have taken a lot of undeserved grief from earlier transplants who worry that Denver is getting too crowded and expensive. But one newcomer who had problems with a long-term Airbnb room just might deserve criticism, say readers who read her sad story about a musty-smelling Airbnb room she couldn't handle for seventeen days. Says Chelsea:

Wow, this girl sounds like a spoiled brat. I love the part where she cries about how her $39 a night room smells bad and then swallows Ativan in her U-haul...cracks me up. Also, there is a difference between being "homeless" and choosing not to stay somewhere when you have the money to stay elsewhere.

Adds Adam: 

I used to be an Airbnb host. I dislike Airbnb for many reasons, but they did more than enough to accommodate her. Airbnbs absolutely should not be offered or used for long-term stays. Not only does this take long-term housing off the market and drive up rent for everyone, it's a huge risk for both the renter and the host. The host definitely should have faced consequences from Airbnb (and probably did, this article just neglects to mention it), but Airbnb had absolutely no responsibility to buy her a more expensive hotel room on top of her refund or discount, and the other Airbnb hosts in Denver were wise not to accept a 17-night booking. That's just not what the platform is for. This is a very cringe-y Airbnb smear article at best, and I'm saying that as someone who leans anti-Airbnb these days.

Have you used Airbnb? What do you think of this transplant's story?

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