Alan Houston Johnson, we have a problem: Feds ground another passenger for allegedly playing grab ass

What is it with bizarre flight disruptions lately? First there was the man who commandeered a bathroom and insisted on shaving topless -- followed by the drunken guy who tried to disembark from a plane in midair.

And now, the latest installment in Denver's uproarious passengers saga: North Carolina's Alan Houston Johnson, a man with a history of sexual harassment complaints, allegedly caused a scene on a flight headed for Denver yesterday by fondling two flight attendants and a passenger aboard flight U.S. Airline Flight 245 from Chicago.

According to the criminal complaint filed today -- it cites two charges of interference with a flight attendant by assault and intimidation and abusive sexual contact on an aircraft -- a pair of flight attendants said they were "inappropriately grabbed on the buttocks by Johnson" multiple times during the flight.

Johnson denied grabbing the women to federal investigators and maintained that his injured and bandaged arm might have rubbed up against the flight attendants while they passed by with the beverage cart.

But according to another woman, a passenger on the flight with her husband, his bandaged hand didn't keep him from dry humping her. That woman said Johnson pushed her into a lavatory as she was trying to exit and forced his genitals against her back.

"She felt sexually violated and was shaken up for the rest of the flight," according to court documents.

The report also says Johnson threw water at one of the flight attendants.

Johnson's reported sexcapades eventually prompted flight staff to bring out restraint tape, which was never used, because the women stopped serving snacks and beverages to that area of the plane.

February 8, a little over a week prior to this incident, Johnson was charged with sexual battery for allegedly forcing a kiss upon a twenty-year-old woman at Central Piedmont Community College in Roxboro, North Carolina. Johnson is also the suspect for a similar sexual assault crime at the same college college on February 2, less than a week before the sexual battery charge.

And there's more: Johnson was the subject of three similar incidents, two dealing with forced kissing, that were filed by the North Carolina airport police in Charlotte earlier this month. Those women did not pursue charges.

An arrest warrant for Johnson was filed today. Apparently for this hopelessly tactless romantic, the adage "try, try, and try again" could have him kissing his freedom goodbye -- because that kind of behavior just doesn't fly.

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J. David McSwane
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