Alex Landau rhymes about being beaten up by Denver Police (VIDEO)

This week's cover story, "Black and Blue," by Joel Warner, recounts nineteen-year-old Alex Landau's run-in with Denver Police in January 2009.

Landau, now 21, still has physical scarring and what could be identified as post-traumatic stress disorder after being beaten bloody by the DPD (contains graphic images). The college student's rhymes are featured in the story, and we asked him to give us a live performance. Video below.

Last week, Landau's attorneys filed a 37-page federal complaint alleging that the actions of three Denver police officers on January 15, 2009 violated Landau's civil rights. In the video below, Landau talks with Westword about the incident and reads off some rhymes he's written about it and the aftermath. Video shot on the Auraria Campus of the Community College of Denver, where Landau is a student.

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Nick Lucchesi
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