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Alison Michelle Ernst, Hillary Clinton shoe thrower: Misinfo in ties to James Holmes case

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First, here's a look at the shoe-tossing, as seen in CNN coverage.

Afterward, reporters who've mastered the art of Google discovered that a woman identified as "Allison Michelle Ernst" -- note the different spelling of the first name -- had made a scene at an August 9, 2012 hearing in the theater shooting case. She stood up in the middle of a hearing to declare that she had information vital to the investigation and was promptly escorted out of the room.

Here's a CBS4 report about the court session; the section about Ernst comes just past the two-minute mark.

All good and well at that point -- but the New York Daily News took things a step further, reporting that Ernst had filed a lawsuit against Holmes that stated, among other things, that "james enters my head like dennis quaid in innerspace and he zooms to my heart and plays with it and forces me to care for him. James sent me naked photos of himself in a joker outfit which offends me."

This assertion has circulated far and wide thanks to distribution by the Associated Press, with the info even popping up on a 7News story that's among the most viewed on the station's website at this writing.

Unlike many other outlets, however, the 7News piece makes allusions to suits being filed in the names of others. That's the case with multiple Ernst documents, including one on the Allison Michelle Ernst blogspot that states the following:

Comes Now, Allison Michelle Ernst , moves this honorable court to intevene in the the James Eagan Holmes case for access to all judicial records and to intervene to produce newly discovered withheld evidence. Further , movant intervenes to appeal this courts ruling denying the defendants constitutional right to have they're own experts present as the state examines scientific evidence, which this denial is a violation of confrontation clause James Holmes is a innocent man , James holmes must be released to me asap, this is a huge conspiracy. I am the allison ernst who came to court bald with a red dress. This court and the media must go to " james holmes is innocent " facebook page to look and read about all the evidence which will show James is truly innocent and that the guilty party is philip anschutz who owns half of regal cinemas and Anschutz mind controlled James to go to the theater to knock out Anschutz's competitor. Anschutz is involved with new world order and a group of cabal evil worldwide crooks who want control of the world through false flag attacks akin to george orwell 1984 , where james holmes is now the new emmanuel, and Anschutz's fingerprints are all over this tragic event and he must be investigated. Anschutz also killed michael Jackson. I fear for my life, i can be found in " james holmes is innocent ".
First clue that Ernst didn't file these documents: It's unlikely she would misspell her own first name. Second clue: Both were posted by Jonathan Lee Riches. Let us introduce you.

Continue for more about Alison Michelle Ernst and Jonathan Lee Riches, including photos and documents.

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