Alysia Lombard and Mario Hollerway Get Probation and More After Baby Eats Pot

Last December, we told you about the arrests of Alysia Lombard and Mario Hollerway after their three-year-old daughter was hospitalized, vomited and then tested positive for THC.

Now, the couple has been sentenced, with probation being the main, but not the only, punishment.

Continue for additional photos, video and a look at an arrest affidavit that lays out the case against them.

On November 13, 2014, as we've reported,, Hollerway took the toddler to Rose Medical Center, where she promptly threw up.

The girl subsequently was found to have ingested marijuana, and although she doesn't appear to have been seriously injured — she was taken in by relatives and was said to be doing fine after the incident — the THC-related discovery prompted an investigation into her parents' activities.

In an interview with investigators, Lombard said she fed the girl a quesadilla, a bowl of cerel and some orange juice and started a movie for her before heading off for work at PT's Show Club. Because of the weather, the fifteen-minute commute from her home on North Steele Street to PT's took twice as long as usual, and as she was arriving, she received a call from Hollerway. He said the child wasn't acting normally and seemed tired — hence the trip to Rose.

Regarding marijuana, Lombard noted that she and Hollerway both had expired red cards, and because they were no longer valid, they had started a home grow.

The number of plants was modest — just four, a total legal under Colorado law. Lombard also had some cannabutter, but she insisted that it wasn't accessible to the child, and added that she didn't smoke pot due to a history of asthma in her family.

Nonetheless, police found what is described in the report as a "plastic open top bin in plain view on the bed in Mario and Alysia's room" that contained just over 8.8 ounces of marijuana — more than what is legal to possess for non-patients. In addition, Hollerway, speaking to investigators during a separate interview, revealed that he had a "T-shirt of dope" in the house — specifically crack, which was hidden behind the TV.

Hollerway told the cops he'd gotten the crack by trading a laptop for it.

Oh yeah: The police report maintains that the house "was a hazardous mess for a small child, with numerous small items and trash within each reach on the floor." Moreover, the child's room "is cluttered and dirty, with plastic trash bags taking up much of the room and a clear plastic bag laying within reach of the child's bed."

That was more than enough for prosecutors at the Denver District Attorney's Office. A few weeks after the incident, they accused Hollerway of felony possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of six-to-twelve ounces of marijuana and misdemeanor child abuse. Lombard also faced the last two beefs.

In the end, Hollerway pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor possession and misdemeanor child abuse accusations, while Lombard did likewise in relation to misdemeanor child abuse.

Hollerway has now been sentenced to two years of supervised probation , sixty days of jail served as in-home detention and fifty hours of community service. For her part, Lombard will serve eighteen months of supervised probation and has also been ordered to take part in a drug treatment program and take parenting classes.

Look below to see booking photos of Hollerway and Lombard, a 7News report from last year and the arrest affidavit.

Mario Hollerway and Alysia Lombard Arrest Affidavits

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