Amendment 62: Pro-Personhood video says Colorado responsible for decline of America

The website for Personhood USA, the organization pushing Amendment 62, which declares that the term "person" applies from one's biological starting point, doesn't come across as scary. At this writing, it sports the smiling face of Tim Tebow's mom, who supports the measure. But a video from Personhood USA's YouTube channel (on view below) is more ominous, featuring the claim that Colorado is the reason for America's deterioration.

A graphic during the introductory portion of the vid reads, "The decline of America began in 1967 in Colorado, when it became the first state in the nation to legalize abortion."

That's followed by an attack on the U.S. Supreme Court -- "men in black robes" who "hated traditional American values, especially life and liberty." They tried to legislate their morality from the bench, the clip continues, even as the federal government's grip on an unsuspecting nation grew tighter and tighter -- a point illustrated using a scary snapshot of a pointing Richard Nixon.

Then, we're told, the Angel of Death arrived -- at which point an image of the Grim Reaper dissolves into the face of (you guessed it) Barack Obama.

The video characterizes a vote for Amendment 62 as a vote against said death angel. Will this pitch sway you? Check out the clip below:

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