Amid coyote fever, mountain lions ask: What about us?

A couple of recent coyote-related incidents (read about them here and here) have kept the yipping varmints in the local news -- when newspapers and TV stations haven't been reporting about the travels of a certain lovesick wolf, that is. When the hell did Colorado media turn into the Discovery Channel? Meanwhile, though, an article in the March issue of 5280 magazine that's not yet online puts the coyote threat in perspective.

"The Colorado Survival Guide," the piece in question, is a collection of first-person accounts from folks who've lived through potentially lethal experiences in the Colorado wild. One such item, by Leadville's Jeff Thompson, is titled, "Attacked by Mountain Lions" -- and a separate sidebar blurb about surviving animal attacks declares, "The two most dangerous animals in Colorado are mountain lions and black bears." Indeed, coyotes don't even rate a mention.

Be careful next time you're in the woods, my friends. Because you may encounter a mountain lion ready to show those wimpy coyotes who's boss.


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