Anarchist protesters could strike 2012 Dem convention, Denver officials warn (VIDEO)

Officials from Charlotte, North Carolina -- the host of the 2012 Democratic National Convention -- recently came to Denver to learn from our city's experience hosting the 2008 DNC. What was Charlotte Chamber of Commerce President Bob Morgan's take-away after meeting with Denver's civic leaders? The DNC will bring economic activity, media exposure and anarchist protesters.

In the below video, Morgan explains how the Charlotte delegation was somewhat surprised to learn that managing various groups of protesters are a significant part of running a convention.

"Some of whom, by the way, do not come with peaceful intent," says Morgan. "They are self-described anarchists who want to come and make mischief and draw attention to their cause." Later, he adds that "we want to be a lot more like Denver in '08 than Chicago in '68."

So maybe instead of Re-create '68 -- the former outfit that sent Denver into an overblown tizzy over protesters -- Charlotte will use the motto "Re-create '08.

What kinds of protesters should Charlotte expect? View this handy slide show of protesters from the 2008 DNC.

More from our Media archive: "Denver Police's 'BEAT the crowds' shirt riles up Re-create 68."

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