Nicole Popovich
One of Cat's faves from the second challenge of the Tamarac Square Fashion Project.

And the Challenge 2 Winner Is...

To view the slide show, click here


Cat will be honest: She expected some trash to come down the runway during the second challenge of the Tamarac Square Fashion Project. Not that she's disrespecting the designers, but c'mon — everything from Ace Hardware?! Ouf. Cat did not envy their task.

But again, the twelve talents blew Cat away with their creativity and skill. Some of the outfits were more costume-y, some were more wearable, but they were all amazing feats. In fact, when all the points were tallied, first, second and third places were separated by only the narrowest of margins.

In addition to regular lives and regular jobs, these designers are putting in upwards of thirty hours into their garments. What they are doing is a huge undertaking, and Cat sends out love and respect to them all.

That's all good, but you want to know who won? You'll have to watch the slideshow here.

Think the judges got it wrong? Comment below. The designer with the most votes will get a special prize from Cat at next week's show.


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