And the Winner of the Tamarac Square Fashion Project Is...

It’s said, it’s done, it’s over. Cat knows who won the final challenge, a day-to-evening look, and Cat knows who is going to be representing D-Town at New York Fashion Week in the fall.

You want to know who won… click here for the complete slideshow. Then come back to Cat and post your thoughts on the shows, the designers and the fashions! It’s been a whirlwind, but we’ll do one more prize – a $25 gift card to Rio Grande for their super tasty and potent margaritas – for the designer with the most “votes.”

Cat posted this in the comments section of last week’s slideshow post, but she wants to reiterate those thoughts because she really does have mad respect for each of the designers who came out and competed each week at the highest of levels.

Mondo: I love your originiality and flair. I couldn't wear most of your designs -- but how I wish I could.

Stephanie: I love that you make beautiful classics that are wearable every day.

Mona: I love your new spin on ready-to-wear, and that you've been pushing your couture envelope in this competition. I also love that you're a good spirit who is always supporting those around you.

Jose: I didn't know you before Fashion Project, and now I can't imagine Denver fashion without you.

Gino: Ditto. I think a lot of women in Denver would like to wear your designs to cocktail parties. You make us feel so very glamorous.

Deb: I love that there's always so many levels to your work. The hidden details, the meaning behind things. That you are true to who you are and what you believe in. Would that we all be more like that.

Nancy: I love that you create something new every week, but that it always has your special identifiying touches.

Alec: I love your creative mind, and that you're doing your own thing. People looking toward what to wear today or tonight don't always "get" it, but I love that about you.

Crystal: I love that you always make something beautiful and feminine and graceful. I love that you are so romantic in your desings. I love that you've made a life out of fashion and are persuing it with zest.

Lisa: I love that you know who you design for, and you always hit that mark. That's a true talent.

Kandyce: I love that I see so much future potential in you're elegant creations. Plus, you know how to design for a bootie and curves, and I appreciate that!

Tricia: I love that you have your own style and that you express it every day. I love that your outfits are always convertable and show off art as much as fashion.

Cat would also like to thank some local restaurants and boutiques who came out in support of local designers. If you read each of the designer’s bios at the beginning of this journey, they each told Cat about their favorite Denver restaurant and boutique. Each of those places donated a $25 gift certificate to be given as a token of appreciation for all that the designers had accomplished. Muchos gracias for all the locals love in town right now.

All American Vogue Buffalo Exchange Fancy Tiger Frolik Panzano Sketch Food and Wine Steubens Sunneshine Sushi Sasa Talulah Jones

And thank you to the City of Denver’s Theaters and Arenas division for supplying Film on the Rocks tickets to each of the designers.

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Amy Haimerl