Angel Rayas was allegedly no angel: Stolen women's underwear, sex toys, cheerleader photo found in homeless man's storage locker

If the charges against Angel Rayas are accurate, he's been a busy boy -- and a bad one. Not to mention a candidate for an especially disturbing episode of Hoarders.

According to Channel 7, the 33-year-old homeless man, whose last known address was the Denver Rescue Mission, filled a storage locker with so many presumably stolen items -- just shy of 600 -- that it took 39 pages to document them all. The clothing alone filled twenty boxes.

Ah, the clothing. It was women's garments mostly (like a very special teal evening gown), with a focus on underwear and bras. In addition, police also found stolen sex toys and a photo of a North High School cheerleader.

Arrest warrant affidavits provide plenty of details about Rayas's presumptive activities over the past several months -- but the following passage offers a handy synopsis:

On 02-11-10, Detective David Harris (04009) with District One Investigations received information that a transient party by the name of Angel Rayas... was currently being held on charges of harassment for following a female throughout the downtown area and threatening to rip her skirt off. When Rayas was arrested, he had twelve ID's on his person that belonged to various women around the area. The name on one of the ID's was... the victim of a burglary on 09-04-09... That case was investigated by Detective Harris and the suspect(s) stole sex toys, several pairs of women's underwear, and other items. In addition, Rayas had a photograph of a female wearing a North High School cheerleader uniform on his person when he was arrested as well. It was determined that the female in the photograph... was also a victim of a burglary... As a result of the arrest, Detective Shane Webster with the Denver Police Sex Crimes Unit obtained and executed a search warrant on Rayas' Public Storage locker... Several items were located, including many pairs of women's underwear, bras, lingerie, a Garmin GPS unit, purses, cell phones, a computer and other miscellaneous items... Rayas denied ever following, stalking or visiting the women (owners of the ID's) at their residences after stealing the ID's. Rayas admitted he masturbated to the photographs on the ID's and "thought" about visiting the women in person at their houses but never did.

Rayas faces a slew of felony and misdemeanor charges that have landed him in jail under a $450,000 bond.

Which will no doubt reassure the skirt-wearing women of Denver.

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