Annette Schnee and Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer: New Effort to Solve Their Murders 33 Years Later

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Here's information about the Annette Schnee investigation from
Annette's last known stop in Breckenridge, Colorado was at approximately 4:45 PM on Wednesday, January 6, 1982, leaving a pharmacy called The Drug Store where she had filled a prescription. She was seen talking with an unidentified woman, and was heard reminding the woman to buy cigarettes. The unknown woman was described by witnesses as a white female, approximately 5' 4" tall, slender build, and looked as though she had been camping out for a few days. The woman smoked Marlboro cigarettes. The prescription was Annette's only purchase at that store. Annette was scheduled to be at work at 8:00 PM that night at the Flip Side bar back in Breckenridge. Her uniform was at her home and was never picked up. She was described as very reliable and it's thought she may have been headed home to get ready for work when she disappeared.

Annette's body was found 6 months later, on July 3, 1982, face down in Sacramento Creek, approximately 20 miles south of Breckenridge and 10 miles south of the Hoosier Pass summit. Annette's home was approximately 4 miles north of the summit. The location where the body was found was remote - about 3 miles west of Colorado Highway 9.

Sacramento Creek is a very isolated mountain valley area. The temperatures were very cold, approximately 20 below, and it may have been snowing in the area on the night Annette disappeared. The cold air and water helped preserve the body.

The fatal gunshot wound to the back was a through and through, with no bullet left in the body. The bullet has not been found. It is unknown whether other shots were fired and missed. The weapon used was possibly a .38/.357/9mm handgun.

Annette's body was fully clothed, but the clothing was in disarray.

Annette was found with both shoes on, but wearing one orange bootie sock on her left foot and one long striped sock on her right foot. The second long striped sock was found in the pocket of her blue hooded sweatshirt. The second orange bootie had been found, but unidentified, 6 months earlier, at the Oberholtzer crime scene near the summit of Hoosier Pass.

Items from Annette's backpack were located between Breckenridge, where both victims were last seen, and the Oberholtzer crime scene at the top of Hoosier Pass.

Among the items found in Annette's backpack was a photograph of a man who has never been identified.

Can you identify this man?

If you have any information about these cases, you're encouraged to contact Eagle County Crime Stoppers at 970-328-7007 or 1-800-972-TIPS. A reward of up to $1,000 is being offered.

Look below to see a flier about tonight's event in Frisco, followed by a CBS4 report on the new effort.

Justice for Bobbie Jo and Annette Flier

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