Another Balloon Boy mystery: What happened to Richard Heene's hair?

Another indication that Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene wanted to make the most of the media attention he got in the wake of

the desperate search for his not-quite-airborne son Falcon

: Over the course of the past few days, his hair seems to have gotten a trendy makeover. Throughout an appearance on the


show Friday morning

during which Falcon puked

(a clip can be viewed below), his locks hung lank over his forehead and thick on the sides. A day later, as seen in the clip above, he looks trimmed, neat and more than ready for his closeup. Now, of course, he's not making media appearances every hour on the hour, under orders from lawyer David Lane, whose services he secured once it became clear that Larimer County authorities were planning to charge him with assorted crimes related to what they believe was an elaborately planned hoax. But at least he's much more aerodynamic...


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