Anthony Tornowski allegedly goes on $1,000 after-hours Alfalfa's eating spree

Anyone who's ever visited Alfalfa's in Boulder has probably fantasized about eating every delectable item in sight and then gently drifting into a blissful food coma.

According to Boulder Police Department, Anthony Tornowski got to live the first part of that dream -- but not the second.

As outlined in a police report on view below in its entirety, officers responded to the Alfalfa's location at 1651 Broadway at 3:19 a.m. on January 28 after a motion alarm near the west entrance was triggered. Once inside, they began to search the building -- and as they rounded a corner near the deli section, they saw a man later identified as Tornowski, 27, trying to hide behind a steel storage container.

At that point, one of the cops drew down and ordered Tornowski to raise his hands. He did so while lying on his back. As they cuffed him, officers asked if anyone else was inside. Yes, said Tornowski -- his friend, Jeff. But no one else was located.

Lucky Jeff -- but not lucky Anthony, who has a past shoplifting and larceny conviction in Aurora and allegedly boasted blurry red eyes and alcohol on his breath. A manager turned up shortly thereafter and conducted a cursory inventory. He found some food items scattered here and there, particularly near the deli. But the real damage was done to a deli display that contained eight tubs of delectable grub, including sushi, muffins, potato salad and roasted chicken.

These tubs weren't entirely empty, but it was clear that what remained had been pawed and needed to be destroyed. Approximate tally: $1,000.

What did Tornowski say to that? Not much. After being read his rights, he reportedly replied, "This isn't good. I think I should call my lawyer."

Smart idea, especially given the surveillance footage that was subsequently examined, including a photo that captured Tornowski inside at about 3:15 a.m. -- which suggests he was able to either gobble or spoil four-figure's worth of delectables in only a few minutes.

He was arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary. Read the police report below.

Anthony Nathaniel Tornowski Arrest Report

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