Apple Store Rewind 2011 includes the Best Of... iPhone app

It's time to dust off the Westword glitter cannon, because the Best Of... iPhone app has earned some prestigious year-end acclaim. The Best Of... app (also available for Android!) has made it onto Apple's iTunes 2011 Rewind, which shows off the top apps of 2011 as chosen by the editors over at iTunes.

The app has Best Of blurbs from those wonderfully big, annual Best Of issues from all the Village Voice Media papers, and more than a dozen other cities.

The app, which includes Westword's Best Of winners -- "Best Pizza at a Greek Market," "Best Happy Hour in a Market," "Best Jazz Club," "Best Place to Get a Whiskey and a Western," etc. -- was included as one of Apple's five favorites in the Travel category, on the Rewind homepage within the iTunes store. The awards were announced on Thursday.

Adding to the hoopla, Wired magazine also reviewed the app last week, opining that it's "What Yelp would be if only the cool kids could post reviews," but noting that it has "minimal photos" (we're working on it as I type this!)

Read all about the Best Of... app in this handy blog post, which we published here in March.

Download the Best Of... app

Here's a video about the Best Of... app, which we released this spring.

Thanks for downloading it and if you haven't, please do -- there are plenty of updates and developments already well in the works for 2012.

Now, to the glitter cannon:

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