Arizona immigration law: Boulder's proposal attacks policies placing immigrants at risk

In May, we told you about Boulder City Manager Jane Brautigam's authorization of a ban on travel to Arizona over SB 1070, that state's controversial new immigration law.

At its 6 p.m. meeting tonight, the Boulder City Council will decide whether to continue the prohibition and accept a resolution denouncing "any policy which is likely to... place immigrants at risk." Read it below:

The session's published agenda -- check it out by clicking here -- contains loads o' material about the Arizona measure (including the full 1070 language) as compiled by the city council's human relations commission. This information will no doubt be trotted out in relation to arguments in favor of the ban, as well as a resolution likely to cheer the folks who've been protesting immigration policy at the GEO detention center even as it angers the Tom Tancredos of the world.

Here's the text:


The City of Boulder City Council does hereby resolve that it:

1. Denounces any policy which is likely to result in racial profiling, place immigrants at risk, and hinder law enforcement officials from obtaining necessary cooperation.

2. Supports the city manager's decision to ban non-essential city travel to the state of Arizona.

3. Welcomes and encourages cooperation on all levels of government to work together to enact immigration policies and laws that provide a clear path to citizenship and equitable access to higher education for immigrant students already being educated in American public schools and to improve border security while safeguarding human and civil rights for all.

4. Directs the City Clerk to transmit copies of this Resolution to all members of the city's Congressional delegation.

5. Includes in its 2010 Federal Legislative Agenda opposition to any legislation, including immigration policy, that promotes racial profiling or discrimination based on race, ethnicity or national orgins, and in doing so, commits to include such opposition in further federal legislative advocacy efforts.

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