Art on Parade Marches to a New Tune

Beginning in 2002, the City of Northglenn, in association with the Northglenn Arts and Humanities Foundation (, began to sponsor annual outdoor exhibitions called Art on Parade. Installed in E. B. Rains Jr. Park (11801 Community Center Drive), Art on Parade presents half a dozen sculptures on loan from the artists who created them.

As might be expected considering the social and aesthetic character of Northglenn, past Art on Parade exhibits have been dominated by ultra-conservative, neo-traditional sculptures. Each fall, citizens cast votes to award a "People’s Choice" purchase prize for the winner -- typically the most ultra-conservative and neo-traditional piece in the group -- which is acquired by the City of Northglenn and put on permanent display somewhere in town.

There’s a subtle and welcome change in mood this year, however, with at least half the entries being somewhat contemporary-looking, or, at the very least, abstract — like Michael Orgel’s "Continuous Line in Space" (pictured) in limestone and steel; Nestor Fedak’s "Inside Out," made of cement; and even the evangelical Christian-themed "Ascension," made of stainless steel by Ryan T. Schmidt.

The latest version of Art on Parade gets under way tonight, Wednesday, June 25, with a 6 p.m. reception at Rains Park, where the six featured artists will talk about their pieces. -- Michael Paglia

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Jane Le
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