As scrapers in Longmont go, so goes the economy

What does a heavy equipment auction say about the U.S. economy? Plenty, according to a report by

Colorado Public Radio


Zachary Barr

that's airing on

National Public Radio

stations across the country today. At the event, which took place in Longmont, there were more sellers than buyers, with an especially large supply of scrapers like the one pictured above in stock. The much-higher-than-usual number of these earth-moving vehicles being sold, sometimes for a third the price they'd command in a better market, don't provide a foolproof economic barometer. But they suggest that the sort of big jobs for which they're designed are a rarity right now, and their owners doubt this situation will change anytime soon.

As discussed in this space previously, Colorado Public Radio stories seldom go national, despite the fact that the service is by far the state's largest. Indeed, NPR tends to run more packages by Denver-based correspondents like Jeff Brady or ones from stations such as Greeley's KUNC than it picks up from CPR. Barr's fine offering today proves that doesn't need to be the case. Listen to his report by clicking here.

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