As swine-flu fever rages, pig lovers are in the crosshairs

Yesterday afternoon, as I was driving home, I found myself behind a truck sporting a license plate very much like this one (which I made using a website accessible by clicking here): It read, "ILVPIGS." At a time when swine-flu fears can get anyone who sneezes in public branded as Typhoid Mary, even backing this vehicle out of a garage constitutes an act of defiance. Never mind that the number of confirmed H1N1 cases in Colorado is only at six, with all of them considered to be mild. In this environment, pigs are public enemy number one, whether they've got a case of the sniffles or not -- a blatant example of prejudice if ever there was one. So praise be to Mr. or Mrs. ILVPIGS, for fighting the power. Porky, Petunia, Arnold Ziffel and Babe thank you, and so do we.

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