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Ashleigh Padilla, waitress, busted after customer discovers her shopping spree on his debit card

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Ashleigh Padilla's Facebook page is loaded with gorgeous selfies that show her keeping up with the latest fashion trends -- and recent purchases at stores such as Ulta, Victoria's Secret and Macy's no doubt gave her a big assist in this respect.

Problem is, the Denver police believe she made these buys using a debit card she swiped from a customer at the local watering hole where she worked -- and he's being credited with tracing them to her. Photos, a video and details below.

Here's one of the many self-portraits on Padilla's Facebook page....

...and another.... ...and another: Given her photogenic nature, it's no wonder she was hired to work at Rome's Saloon, a sports bar whose latest promotion is "Bikini Wednesdays," which runs through the month of March.

Padilla doesn't work there anymore, however -- and that's all due to Jeff Brekhus, who recently told his story to 7News.

What happened? Continue for more about the arrest of Ashleigh Padilla, including more photos and a video. Brekhus says he ate lunch at Rome's Saloon in late February, but upon his return, he couldn't find his company debit card, which he'd used to pay for the meal. So he contacted the eatery and asked for the waitress who'd served him -- Padilla, he says.

Although Brekhus was given a cell phone number for Padilla, she didn't respond to a text -- maybe because she was at Southwest Plaza giving his debit card a workout. Here's a breakdown of unauthorized purchases cataloged by 7News:

• $470: Sports Authority

• $284: Ulta

• $223: Victoria's Secret

• $203: Macy's

• $157: Macy's

• $122: Target

• $82: Proactiv

• $70: Nail salon

The total came to around $1,800 -- but Padilla didn't have long to enjoy what appear to be a slew of new possessions and services.

First, Brekhus went to the owner of Rome's Saloon, and in surveillance footage, Padilla could allegedly be seen grabbing the debit card.

Next, Brekhus went to all the stores where purchases had been made on the card and received confirmation that security video showed her using the card. With this information in hand, he called the cops and presented his evidence. And it was convincing enough that Padilla was soon cuffed.

She was on the job at the time, but she won't be coming back.

Look below to see another Padilla photo -- this one a mug shot -- followed by the 7News report.

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