Ashton Kutcher could make next movie in Colorado thanks to state film incentives

Ashton Kutcher could film a new movie in Colorado. Earlier today, the Colorado Economic Development Commission approved a film incentives package for a movie called The Violent Separation of Flesh and Blood, in which Ashton Kutcher is slated to star. The film is projected to spend $7.3 million in Colorado and was approved for a $1.5 million rebate and a $750,000 loan guarantee.

Keep reading for a summary of the movie's plot, as well as details about four other media projects approved for incentives at today's commission meeting.

The plot of The Violent Separation of Flesh and Blood was described to the commissioners like this: "In a quiet 1980 Colorado town lost in the vastness of the Rocky Mountain front, a deputy named Norman Young covers up an accidental murder at the hands of his brother, Ray. But neither of them are prepared for the passionate romance that blossoms between Norman and the victim's younger sister, Frances. As the investigation withers, family bonds are tested and we descend into the depths of morality and loyalty. The Violent Separation of Flesh and Blood is inspired heavily by the iconic Westerns of old -- characters torn by morality and cornered into violence by their decisions and responsibilities to themselves, family and God."

Film commissioner Donald Zuckerman says the filmmakers are interested in filming here, though they haven't made a final decision yet.

The commission also approved four other projects. They include:

A reality show called The Ultimate Sportsman's Lodge.

The Ultimate Sportsman's Lodge is being produced by Colorado-based Orion Entertainment, which makes hunting and fishing shows such as Dangerous Game and Ford's Fishing Frontiers. The Ultimate Sportsman's Lodge is expected to spend $946,000 in Colorado filming a new season of eight half-hour episodes and was approved for $189,000 in incentives. The show would air on the Great American Country channel, as well as the DIY Network channel, and feature cameos from celebrities including Jim Belushi, Tom Brokaw and Jeff Foxworthy.

A video game called The Adventures of Honor Harrington.

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The video game is based on the adventures of Honor Harrington, a fictional starship captain and the heroine of a series of books by sci-fi author David Weber. The game is being produced by Evergreen Studios out of Los Angeles with assistance from Idol Minds, a local company based in Louisville. The project is expected to spend $3.1 million in Colorado and was approved for a $620,000 incentive.

Continue for more about movies that may be shot in Colorado thanks to state film incentives. Here's how Wikipedia describes Honor Harrington:

Honor Stephanie Alexander-Harrington (née Honor Stephanie Harrington) is a fictional character invented in 1992 by writer David Weber as the heroine of the eponymous "Honorverse", a universe described in a series of best-selling military science fiction books set between 4003 and 4025 AD.

Harrington is an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy (RMN), the space navy of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, an interstellar monarchy that counterbalances its relatively small size with superior space combat technology and capability. She has a genius for tactical command, often overcoming significant odds in critical battles and frequently finding herself at the center of significant military actions. Her dedication to duty and uncompromising performance results in receiving numerous awards and promotions, earning the respect of interstellar empires, and accumulating implacable enemies. She is a skilled martial artist and through her association with her treecat companion Nimitz, develops an empathic sense that assists her in understanding the emotions of those around her.

A children's DVD series called Play Along.

Play Along is a series of three videos designed to teach English to children in Asia. It's being produced by Denver-based Walk the Line Films and is projected to spend $740,000 in Colorado. It was approved for a $148,000 rebate.

A movie called Cop Car.

Cop Car is slated to star Kevin Bacon as a sheriff whose car is stolen by two kids who take it on a joy ride. It's expected to spend $410,000 here and was approved for a $82,000 rebate. The entire film would be shot in Colorado.

The money for the rebates and the loan guarantee will come out of $5 million earmarked for film incentives in the state budget for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

The film incentives program was reborn in 2012, when state legislators passed a law aimed at attracting more movie projects to the Centennial State. The law increased the cash rebate offered to moviemakers who film in Colorado from 10 percent to 20 percent, in order to bring it in line with competitors such as New Mexico and Utah. It also created a program that could back up to 20 percent of a producer's bank loan.

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