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Ask a Stoner: Now that the THC driving bill passed, should I just sell my car?

Dear Stoner: With the recent passing of the five-nanogram driving limit for THC, I'm worried that even while sober, as a regular smoker I'll technically be over the limit. Should I sell my car and resign myself to public transportation?


Dear Sixteen: The new five-nanogram law is unscientific bullshit. And, yes, it could very easily lead to someone getting a pot DUI who doesn't deserve it; there are some major problems with the measure that need to be addressed. But I don't know what's more dangerous: taking the Colfax bus daily or risking a DUI like you've been risking your whole stoner life when you've driven with any THC in your system.

See, it's not like you couldn't have picked up a pot DUI during the past few years. In fact, even without blood limits, the cops had a 90 percent conviction rate. I had a roommate who was convicted of a marijuana DUI back in 2005 just for having a half-cashed bowl in his glove compartment. No blood test needed.

So would a regular traffic stop for speeding or running a yellow light automatically mean you would be getting a pot DUI? Not necessarily It's probably not much more likely than before. Just be smart and don't drive around with pipes stinking up your ride or smoke spliffs at traffic lights. Most important, don't be high. We're not advocating driving while under the influence of anything — just telling you to use your noodle when you enjoy a few recreational tokes.

Dear Stoner: I'm an old pothead from back in the '70s. Things have obviously changed a lot since then, and I am blown away by the different types of pot available now. Back then we had average pot or the great stuff called Acapulco Gold. Is there a catalogue or something that explains all the different pot strains and what they are good for?


Dear JR: There's a smuggler's load of resources out there on different strains (including Acapulco Gold), both online and in print. For your coffee table, you should pick up Jason King's Cannabible, volumes one through three. Or check out The Big Book of Buds series or S.T. Oner's Essential Guide books on indica and sativas — both available through the Denver Public Library. Internet-wise, check out, which has strain info and some really nice close-up pot-porn pics. is another resource worth checking out, though it doesn't have photos.

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