Ask William Breathes, Westword's pot critic, anything until 4:20 today

Westword editor Patricia Calhoun left for vacation today. Predictably, the Westword office has deteriorated into a orgy of journalistic decadence. Beer is flowing like printer ink, and smoke is blowing through the HVAC.

Music editor Dave Herrera brought out his turntables and is doing his best to mix Slayer and UB40 at top volume. Interns have locked themselves in a closet, and there are animal sounds coming from the conference room. Police are already knocking on the door and the Ghetto Bird is hovering over the roof of the building.

None of that actually has happened. But I do have until 4:20 to answer questions from you, my cannabis friends. Leave your question or comment in the comments section and I'll reply to it the best I can.

So tell me what is on your THC-addled brain, dear Westword readers. I would love to hear it.

- Got a good dispensary worth checking out or a place to avoid? - Smoked any interesting genetics lately? - Wondering what strains might be good for you? - Or, just let us know if we're not covering enough of here at Mile Highs and Lows.

Leave your comments or questions below and I'll respond as soon as I can between now and when I'm forced back to the basement -- where they keep me until they need me for another medical marijuana clinic critique.

If you can't keep it civil, go smoke a bowl. That usually helps.

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William Breathes
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