Colorado Doesn't Have a Beach, but It Has Its Own Slogan

Colorado Doesn't Have a Beach, but It Has Its Own Slogan

Atlantis, Paradise Island is a posh resort located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, a reboot of a fifty-year-old complex once owned by Donald Trump, among others. Now Atlantis has "embarked on a new chapter tied to a meaningful connection with the ocean, Bahamian culture and the spirit of the property’s 7,500 employees," according to sponsored content on the SmartMeetings site.

It's also embarked on a new chapter that doesn't rip off Colorado's award-winning tourism campaign, "Come to Life."

In Atlantis's first attempt at rebranding last spring, which involved a multimillion-dollar ad campaign that made it all the way to late-night cable in Denver, the resort urged travelers to "Come to Life," which also happened to be the slogan that the Colorado Tourism Office adopted a half-dozen years ago, after a series of disappointing campaigns.

"Come to Life" was a winner for this state, and when CTO head Cathy Ritter heard that Atlantis was treading on Colorado's turf, she came to life with a stern letter to Atlantis. After several months, Atlantis came to its senses and surrendered.

And now, after a few other attempts, it's unveiled its new slogan, one that will never be confused with anything Colorado: "Bahamas at Heart."

Not exactly snappy, but at least it's original.

Marketing can be a beach.

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