Attention miscreants and assorted hot ladies: Won't you be Westword's neighbor?

As Michael Roberts reported yesterday, live from his dusty cave, Westword's headquarters building at 969 Broadway is undergoing major surgery this month, to make room at the front of the building for a new tenant. We're also getting new carpet, new paint, new cubicles and, I can only assume by the racket being made, a hovercraft landing pad on the roof.

All of which is fine. Change is good. But one question remains unanswered: With whom will we be sharing this building? It can't be just anyone. We're an alt-weekly. We're edgy. I drive a freakin' Scion; I can't be sharing a bathroom with some suit.

Thankfully, I'm respected enough around here that the bosses will any minute now be asking my input about whom we should allow into the eastern hemisphere of our lair. (It's a nice storefront space, by the way, right across the street from Tony's). And since I live to serve you, dear reader, I'm asking you. Fill out the poll at right, or leave your own suggestion in the comments section. I will take your suggestions to the publisher's office. I will carve them in his desk. And so they will be.

Or he'll ignore me and we'll be sharing this place with an H&R Block. Either way.

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