Auraria campus is cracking down on the homeless -- in the bathrooms, anyway

Auraria has long been known as a sort of safe haven for the homeless in Denver.

It's a great place to get out of the wind, grab a half-smoked cigarette or two and maybe, just maybe, snag a chance to use a bathroom and get a break from your harsh reality.

But not anymore; Auraria is getting serious about restricting homeless access, at least in the bathrooms of the South classroom.

In a recent and most likely unnoticed change, new signs were installed on the bathroom doors declaring that they are only for use by "current students, staff, faculty and authorized visitors." It then kindly goes on to ask that people not in those categories not trespass before mentioning that anyone who does will be arrested.

Yes, arrested. And while jail is at least a warm place to sleep for the night, winding up there isn't pleasant.

The bathrooms on the south campus are clearly at the forefront of the bum battle. None of the other buildings have been adorned with the lovely placards as of yet -- but maybe it's just a matter of time.

Either way, it looks like the underlying "Meh, whatever" attitude that's graced Auraria for years is on its way out -- and that's a shame.

I'm an Auraria student, and I can honestly say that the homeless don't seem to cause much harm at all. They don't bug for change, barely ask for cigarettes and hardly ever go into the buildings, let alone the bathrooms. So why the attack?

Who knows? And who will contact the proper authorities after seeing the signs? Hall monitors?

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